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Disavow tool – should we use it?

should we use disavow

Seen on a client website – every day new Blogspot and some cf/ml TLDs appear in backlinks for their domain.
For sure, disavowing is needed… But a few things here:
1 – Some day, we will come up with to disavow limit (100,000 lines), as it’s not possible to disavow the whole Blogspot
2 – They appear daily in a legal white niche (software); why? No idea. Seen this in the casino/betting/crypto space but not in software.
3 – Google says they can understand what links are about and that disavow should be used in rare cases. What is the rare case?

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Google claims that: “In most cases, Google can assess which links to trust without additional guidance, so most sites will not need to use this tool.” here John Mueller and Matt Cutts told in Jan 2022:
“Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter, “disavow the whole domain if you know there’s an issue with some of its links.” He said there is “no need to be exact when everything on a site is bad from your point of view.” This reminds me of the advice from Matt Cutts to use the disavow link tool as a machete, not a fine tooth comb back in 2013.” at SERoundTable:

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