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GA4 new and enhanced metrics

ga4 new and enhanced metrics

GA4 brings new and enhanced metrics for SEO professionals to track, here’s a list of the main metrics:

  • Engagement rate: an SEO metric that measures meaningful engagements on your site, including clicks, scrolls, conversions, and more. It can help you identify which pages or channels need improvement.
  • Enhanced measurements: GA4 tracks conversion data as an event, providing a level of granularity on user behavior that was not available in Universal Analytics. It can automatically track interactions with forms, allowing you to see drop-offs in the form-filling process.
  • Landing pages: The GA4 landing page report is useful for understanding how effective the first page a user visits is. You can see which landing pages result in a conversion within the same session, helping you identify sales direct from SEO efforts.
  • Traffic acquisition: GA4 provides valuable reports such as traffic acquisition, showing how users are arriving at your site.

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