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Google Traffic Drops: Google Core Update

google core updates

The latest Google Core Update was rolled out on May 2022, and some website owners may experience traffic drops, while others may even improve their search performance as a result.
If you have experienced declines, it does not always mean that the website does not correspond to Google guidelines. Sometimes, it could be a temporary situation; nonetheless, it’s better to follow Google Search Central on social media to ensure that you do not miss important information.
For some industries or specific websites, the May 2022 update was quite beneficial, and they experienced remarkable traffic growth, while for others, it was not that positive.
They lost their typical for that period organic traffic. While Google does not disclose what changes were implemented during core updates, it’s almost impossible to prepare for them.
Nonetheless, you can make a website audit to ensure that your resources correspond to Google SEO best practices recommended.
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