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How to Boost Your SEO Using Business Directories

directories for seo

Why include business directories in your SEO strategy? Used wisely, they can help you succeed in a few different ways. For example, you will get quality backlinks, improve your web presence, access your local community, and occasionally improve your search engine rankings.
What should you take into consideration in terms of a business directory?
–       Firstly, concentrate on the most popular “top” directories.
–       If your business mainly provides services that are strictly linked to a particular territory, like most real estate industry providers, you should consider paying attention to local listings. Previously, we strongly recommended using and boosting Google Business company profile for your local SEO).
–       For international businesses, like e-learning companies, opportunities for business directories usage are enormous. But please choose business directories with a good search engine ranking and check if they have a relevant category for your industry (for example, it’s not the best idea to post a cybersecurity company profile in cooking and gardening business listings).
Are you already using business directories in your digital strategy? We will be happy to hear your feedback on this topic!

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