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Local SEO: Auto Responses for Google Business Profile

Local SEO

In our previous post, we mentioned that Google Business Profile is one of the essential tools you should consider including in your Real Estate digital marketing strategy to empower local SEO.
Recently Google added a new helpful feature to the Business Profile service: automated responses (FAQ). There you can include the most valuable information you would like your customers to access.
What you need to know:
1) You can create up to 10 questions. Each of them may contain up to 40 characters.
2) Answers should not be longer than 500 characters.
3) You can add links to answers (and we highly recommend you to do so;))
What FAQs are the most beneficial for your business?
Think over what you would like your clients and prospects to know first-hand. Then, communicate your most decisive advantages and reasons for choosing your company.
Think over what inquiries you most commonly receive from your customers and include them in FAQs.
If you are out of ideas, go through competitor analysis and check how they manage their Google Business Profile.

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