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On-Page SEO: Title

on page title

Upgrade your SEO game with these expert tips for writing eye-catching and keyword-optimized headlines that will boost your traffic and online visibility! Find out how to write unique titles, place your primary keywords at the beginning, and avoid common mistakes.

It’s 60 characters or 568 pixels, but you can make it shorter or longer. Google’s latest data (Feb 2021) indicates titles can get longer. This is just a visible part of it. The title should also be interesting, grabbing the reader’s attention. You don’t have to use caps, hyperbolic phrases, or exclamation points to do it. Instead, use powerful words, like “supercharge” instead of “improve.”

– You should have a clear and catchy title. 
– H1 and title (IDEALLY!) shouldn’t be the same. 
– The primary keywords should be at the beginning. 
– It should be unique between pages on the site.

*These are general guidelines; each case is unique and can differ from others
*Even if Google doesn’t always use title in SERP, it is still used for SEO purposes

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