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seo for e learning
The global e-learning industry was worth USD 215 billion in 2021 and will reach USD 645 billion value by 2030 at a CAGR of 13% during the forecast period (2022–2030) due toStraits Research.The availability of new knowledge and skills nowadays is appreciable for professionals practically from every sphere, while competition within the e-learning providers industry...
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xml sitemaps
An XML Sitemap is a standardized file that you can use to notify search engines about the pages on your site. These files are typically generated automatically through our webmaster tools and served via robots.txt or manually.XML sitemaps are a great way to help Google crawl your site, discover new content, and correctly resolve admin...
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seo for real estate agents time to act!
Senior Economist Shaun Cathcart of The Canadian Real Estate Association | L’Association canadienne de l’immobilier recently provided a detailed analysis of the Canadian Real Estate market based on August data(Find out more: does it mean for real estate agents?You still have plenty of work to do! While the market is stabilizing, most prospective buyers are...
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mobile optimization
Did you know the average age of a first-time buyer of Canadian real estate (according to is 36 years old and tends even to become younger?What does it mean for your digital marketing and SEO strategy? First, take a closer look at website mobile optimization.Making your resources mobile-accessible increases your chances of selling properties...
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seo video
Videos for the real estate market are one of the most effective marketing instruments because they attract customers’ attention, provide the feeling of actually “visiting” a house, office, or apartment, and positively influence the company’s image. While shooting high-quality videos requires considerable resources in terms of time and money, they make the agency website more prestigious...
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wordpress redirect plugins best seo practices
WordPress redirect plugins make it to manage your redirects and 404 errors without hours of manual technical work. Employed properly, they may have a substantial positive influence on your SEO.  Let’s see what the most popular plugins are: Redirection plugin will monitor 404 errors and help you create 301 redirects, free and multilingual, and will...
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In our technical SEO research of Canadian Real Estate Market listings, we have found that most of the analyzed websites (172 out of 208) have no hreflangs. You can use Google Search Console to check if your resources also have this issue.If Google Search Console notify about the “your site has no hreflang tags” issue,...
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Local SEO
In our previous post, we mentioned that Google Business Profile is one of the essential tools you should consider including in your Real Estate digital marketing strategy to empower local SEO.Recently Google added a new helpful feature to the Business Profile service: automated responses (FAQ). There you can include the most valuable information you would...
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google core updates
The latest Google Core Update was rolled out on May 2022, and some website owners may experience traffic drops, while others may even improve their search performance as a result.If you have experienced declines, it does not always mean that the website does not correspond to Google guidelines. Sometimes, it could be a temporary situation;...
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local seo
While developing an SEO strategy for Real Estate, you should pay enormous attention to Local SEO. For other industries, it may be not that crucial, but for real estate, where you compete with other market players in most cases locally, that’s the point you should not miss.1) Think about developing a robust Google Business Profile...
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