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seo post#3
Let’s dive deeper into our Canadian Real Estate research findings. First, we determined TOP pages for the websites in our sample, which are property listings in most cases.The website links are usually structured starting from language and localization /{LANGUAGE}/{PROVINCE}/{CITY}/ and proceed to the services section (rent/buy/sell) or listing/properties or property type condo/apartmentExample:, when you...
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seo seasonality
As we have mentioned in our previous post, search traffic drops may depend on seasonality. Almost every industry experiences minor or remarkable changes in clients’ interests, requests and sales depending on the time of the year. For example, if you are proposing vocational houses for rent, most probably you are going to have a high...
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seo post#2
In our Canadian real estate series, let’s discuss today language localization. Multilingual websites has to be optimized in terms of SEO using certain rules and recommendations; otherwise, you may lose your organic traffic due to low website optimization level.In our SEO research dedicated to real estate market in Canada, we have analyzed more than 200...
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canada real estate 1
Our team is working on SEO technical research for the Canadian Real Estate market.While we are still in the process of analyzing the most valuable data, we decided to share some remarkable insights with you.Did you know that Canada’s leader in real estate listings receives $926K worth of traffic monthly (data from Ahrefs) in the real...
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404 vs 410 940x788 пікс
Let’s make it clear: while visitors surely do not like visiting pages with  404/410  HTTP  codes, SEO specialists are having a huge headache with these issues and have to fix them.404 code shows that the requested page was not found on the server, while not indicated if it’s absent temporarily or permanently. You can use...
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