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Real Estate Videos to Boost Your SEO

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Videos for the real estate market are one of the most effective marketing instruments because they attract customers’ attention, provide the feeling of actually “visiting” a house, office, or apartment, and positively influence the company’s image. 
While shooting high-quality videos requires considerable resources in terms of time and money, they make the agency website more prestigious and trustworthy, so if your budget can handle this activity, certainly go for it! 
But how to optimize videos for real estate to not only be attractive to prospective customers but also boost your SEO?
1. Start with keyword research and determine which of them would be the most beneficial for your business. Then, create a video plot keeping in mind your best keywords.
2. Include a keyword in the title, tags, description, and thumbnails, but remember that the video should also be attractive and informative for your customers. 
3. Promote your videos: post them on your website or blog, share them on social media, and even use them as part of your paid advertisement campaigns if it’s reasonable.
4. Ensure that video files do not slow down your website speed. We all know how crucial it is for SEO.

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