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Search Traffic Drops: Technical SEO

search traffic drops

Have you noticed that your search traffic volume has decreased?
Let’s go through the main reasons why it could happen:

  1. Technical issues
  2. Seasonality
  3. Non-compliance with Google guidelines
  4. Security issues
  5. Google’s algorithmic changes
    For more details, visit Google Search Central:…/07/search-traffic-drops.
    Technical issues may play a huge role in search traffic drops, so you should take them seriously. Improvement of the tech SEO includes numerous aspects like well-organized website and link structure, analysis of indexing issues, elimination of errors, actual sitemap, etc. First, start with a website audit to check if your resources require some optimization.
    In one of our next posts, we will share some thoughts about seasonal search traffic drops and how to research them using the Search Performance report and Google Trends.

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