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SEO for Canadian Real Estate Market: Top Pages (Post#3)

seo post#3

Let’s dive deeper into our Canadian Real Estate research findings. First, we determined TOP pages for the websites in our sample, which are property listings in most cases.
The website links are usually structured starting from language and localization /{LANGUAGE}/{PROVINCE}/{CITY}/ and proceed to the services section (rent/buy/sell) or listing/properties or property type condo/apartment
So, when you develop your SEO strategy, keep the property section of your website to Google recommendations and best industry practices. Then, double-check these pages from the perspective of technical SEO, make them user-friendly and add all the content visitors may need to consider becoming your clients.
Also, we have noticed that one of the prominent real estate market players drives most of the traffic to the pages of their top experts. So while this is not the usual case for the listings in general, you may probably consider developing strong employee branding tactics as part of your marketing strategy.
We’ll keep you posted regarding our new insights and findings!

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