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SEO for E-Learning: First Steps

elearnng first steps

Do you know how competitive the e-learning/distance learning industry is? At the most conservative estimations, more than 30 thousand providers fight for the customers’ attention in this niche, while many own more than one website.
So how to succeed using SEO if the market is so competitive:
–       Start with competitors’ research. Not all e-learning or online training companies are currently your direct competitors. Instead, find those who are closest to the services provided by your company and analyze their activity.
–       This will help you to move to the next step – keyword research. First, define which keywords and phrases would benefit your business most.
–       The SEO technical audit will help you understand the main weak points of your web resources, and you can plan how to fix them.
–       Content: create trustworthy and expert-level content that’s crucial for your industry because you are selling skills and knowledge to your customers, so you do not have a right to make any mistakes there.

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