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What is Your Error?

404 vs 410 940x788 пікс

Let’s make it clear: while visitors surely do not like visiting pages with  404/410  HTTP  codes, SEO specialists are having a huge headache with these issues and have to fix them.
404 code shows that the requested page was not found on the server, while not indicated if it’s absent temporarily or permanently. You can use Google Search Console to find every 404 HTTP code on your website and investigate why it happens.  If you have a 404 error, you can set a redirect link as one of the simplest ways to eliminate this issue, or you can restore the page if it is important for your business, also in some cases you need just to correct the link address to eliminate 404 error, if the previous link was somehow broken. 
Meanwhile 410 code means that the page is gone permanently and no longer available on your server. So it’s better to remove all incoming links to this URL from all your pages and content so as not to experience a decrease in the quality of visitors’ journey through your website and lower search engine ranking in future.
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