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WordPress Redirect plugins – Best SEO Practices

wordpress redirect plugins best seo practices

WordPress redirect plugins make it to manage your redirects and 404 errors without hours of manual technical work. Employed properly, they may have a substantial positive influence on your SEO

Let’s see what the most popular plugins are:

  1. Redirection plugin will monitor 404 errors and help you create 301 redirects, free and multilingual, and will help you transfer your data from one website to another. Perfect solution for SME. 
  2. All in One SEO has free and premium versions. That’s the best WordPress redirect plugin, due to HubSpot experts. Its functionality contains 301, 410, and 307, 404 error tracking and automated SEO optimization
  3. 301 Redirects – high-rated plugin for 301, 302, and 307 redirects. The plugin identifies your error pages and creates redirects to fix them. A bulk redirect function is available. 

Have you tried any WordPress redirect plugins? What is your TOP list of them? Or maybe you need some more profound functionality still unavailable on the market?

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