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Your Site Has No Hreflangs Tags


In our technical SEO research of Canadian Real Estate Market listings, we have found that most of the analyzed websites (172 out of 208) have no hreflangs. You can use Google Search Console to check if your resources also have this issue.
If Google Search Console notify about the “your site has no hreflang tags” issue, it means that 1) you do not have hreflang in your code, or 2) hreflang tags are not implemented correctly, so Google could not find them.
Suppose your site is multilingual(and Canada has two official languages). In that case, it’s essential to have hreflang tags because search engines use them to understand which language and region you are targeting.
From some point, managing hreflangs tags looks quite complicated, but it’s much simpler than it seems at first sight.
Dive deep into Google recommendations regarding hreflangs:

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