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SEO for SaaS data migration company, ROI 400%

SaaS data migration company, SEO ROI 400%

seo saas data migration
SkillsTechnical SEO, On-Page SEO, Keyword research
ServicesSEO strategy
Costs$2500/mo, total project $30000


The client started its business in 2012, helping customers export and import data between apps (Hubspot, SalesForce, etc.). When we started cooperation, they were searching for possible additional business lines (data warehousing, backup, etc.). During that time, we came up with a close and relevant topic to data migrations and created a content plan. When the content plan was implemented, we found much more traffic than estimators (Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Ads) provided during keyword research. Business owners decided that this could be a separate business. So, it was split into (data migration between CRM systems) and a secondary domain name – a platform to work with CSV files.


Besides keyword research for different topics related to “data migration,” we also got a few things to do:

  • Technical SEO included SEO basics like sitemaps, robots, internal linking, structured data, etc.
  • As the company uses YouTube as a marketing channel, we created and tested a process on how to optimize videos and link them to the site.
  • On-Page optimization
  • Building app-to-app landing pages (wasn’t implemented)


The client’s internal teams liked to remove pages (and leave them 404) or create new ones without any notice to us, which made it hard to collaborate on internal linking and on-page checkups.

The site is created using Tilda site builder, which creates some difficulties in updating/creating content, setting structured data, and fixing some technical issues

Some traffic is received by a subdomain, created using Intercom. Intercom wasn’t ready for GA4 migration, so we needed to configure events and to track for both Google Analytics 4 (the whole site was migrated to it), and Universal Google Analytics (to track visitors coming from the “help” subdomain)


Initial keyword research for various topics related to “data migration” was done. Afterward, with the customer team, we selected the most promising topic. Then did in-depth keyword research, created brand content guidelines, created SOP (Standard operating procedure), and created tasks for copywriters. Finally, everything was published, and traffic spiked.

Using Notion as a team collaboration tool, we were able to set some tracking of added/removed pages and do it correctly in terms of business and SEO. No more removals/addons without our attention; if the business decides to remove a page or add a new one, we search for the best way to do it. Mostly it was a redirection to appropriate pages because almost all pages of this site had backlinks from trusted sources, which we were trying to keep or competitor research to identify future page outlines.

Set both versions of Google Analytics to track events and conversions to find the ROI of different marketing channels


I tried to annotate screenshots. As we can see when we started, cooperation in Mar-April 2021 site had about 500 monthly visitors. When the new content cluster was implemented, traffic spiked to 5600 per month. After the content cluster was moved to another domain in January 2022, traffic dropped to approximately 1000 monthly visitors.

So, traffic increased twice to existent website pages and 10x times if we will consider a new cluster.

seo saas
Screenshot from Ahrefs for


seo saas data migration
Screenshot from Ahrefs (new domain for new business line based on a content cluster we discovered)


A new service was built to convert people landing to a content cluster from organic search (without any other traffic sources). Their business model covered SEO-related costs in 3 months. The first year (campaign duration) ROI was 400%, and it continues to receive traffic this year. 

Technical and On-Page SEO for main domain ( added +100% traffic to data migration business.

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