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LinkedIn Testimonials

Mark Kofman
Founder of Import2, Parma CRM, Programeter and many more

Slobodan Ljubić
Wordpress Developer at Mercans - HRM and Payroll

David Hellowell
Senior Technical SEO Specialist at iTech Media

Roman joined the Merj team as an SEO Consultant. He has an inquisitive mind and enjoys the challenging nature of technical auditing. Roman has helped create a number of processes that have helped support the consulting team over the past year. He is a team player, helping others meet their goals as well as balancing his own deadlines.

Ryan Siddle
Enterprise SEO & Data Engineering Consultancy

Leo F.
I convert data into better decisions

Zahhar Kirillov
Delivery Manager at EPAM Systems

UpWork Testimonials

Roman delivered the work as expected. The contract focused on investigating the SEO situation with a website and it is successfully accomplished. Roman showed the required skills to cover the needs. The contract with Roman is switched to an hourly basis.

UpWork Client
SEO expert to optimize a website for specific regions and industries

Roman is truly knowledgeable and skillful in backlink building and SEO. Not only having delivered great work on the given tasks, he gave us recommendations and instructions to rank our site higher on Google. He was willing to answer any questions and communicated with us very well. We really enjoyed working with him. He is highly recommended for backlink building projects. We will likely work with him in the future.

UpWork Client
SEO Backlink Specialist

Excellent work. When you think you can hire SEO consultancy cheaper on upwork, think again. Paying more for what Roman does is worth it.

UpWork Client
Experienced keyword researcher

Not an easy job, and with a 3-4 days deadline. Roman did a great job at analyzing multiples sites and give a very coherent/smart feedback. It almost save me one full day of work ! So thx a lot, great work, simple but great communication. Roman is top !

UpWork Client
[FR or EN] SEO expert needed to analyze review sites & widgets to get recommandations

Very easy to work with. He fixed a complex structural code error on my website that no one else could fix. He identified additional errors that others had not found. Highly recommended! Thank you!

UpWork Client
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Roman has done an exceptional job explaining why the traffic dipped. No further questions. He knows his job.

UpWork Client
Help Us Diagnose Traffic Dip

Good communication and on time delivery

UpWork Client
SEO consultant needed

Professional work. Roman has knowledge what is 100% needed in SEO consulting. I recommend him.

UpWork Client
SEO consultation

Roman is great. One or the best SEO consultants I have worked with

UpWork Client