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seo okrs
In the dynamic world of digital marketing, OKRs for SEO, focusing on key results and aligning with business goals, have emerged as a game-changer, aligning teams and turbocharging search engine performance towards growth goals. These strategic objectives not only clarify goals but also provide measurable milestones and key results to track progress in planning and...
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subdomain vs subfolder
Choosing between a subdomain and a subdirectory can have far-reaching implications on one’s SEO strategy in the intricate world of website structuring. The strategic implementation of either a subdomain or a subdirectory reflects significantly on search engine rankings, audience targeting, and content organization. This article highlights these structural components’ vital role in website hierarchy and...
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advanced search operators google
Google, the behemoth of online search, is an ocean of information. But with the right set of tools, navigating this vast ocean can be surprisingly simple and efficient. These tools are Google’s search operators. Let’s dig deeper and discover their functionalities with real-life examples. Advanced Google Search Operators and Their Uses Searching Within a Specific...
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dns prefetch preconnect prefetch prerender preload
Welcome to our blog post on understanding the importance of DNS-prefetch, Preconnect, Prefetch, Prerender, and Preload! Website performance is essential for providing an enjoyable user experience. Resource hints are small pieces of code that can help speed up website loading times by anticipating requests before they happen. In this article, we’ll explain what each resource...
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seo on page checklist
Glossary SERP – Search Engine Ranking Page Click-Through-Rate – the percentage of users who saw your website in SERP and decided to open it (click) highly varies for different niches/keywords/intent. CMS – Content management system General guidelines Title: The title visible in Google SERP is ~60 characters OR 568 pixels, but it can be shorter...
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redirect for seo
What is Redirect? Have you ever encountered a situation when you type some URL but land on a different page? Well, it is a redirect. Organizations set up redirects to forward visitors and search engine robots from one URL to another in case the page has moved permanently or temporarily.It provides a better user experience...
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