SEO strategist Roman Borissov

Roman Borissov

Founder, SEO strategist


Started career in early 2006 as a search engine optimization specialist. Grown up together with search engines. Remember when doorways, cloaking, mass forum spam were working well. Over time everything evolved, and white hat SEO became the best solution for long-term projects. Nowadays, there are still black hat SEO methods appearing and disappearing, search engines are proactive. 

Over the years helped lots of different companies to achieve their goals, and the best outcome I got – it is always hard to explain and prove the need for one or another SEO activity to managers. So, the agency was founded with the aim to speak with businesses in their language, using the return of investment from SEO activities as proof that it’s worth it. Get rid of vanity metrics and technical jargon when explaining tough SEO strategy. It was the biggest change that impacted agency growth.



Technical SEO100%
On-Page SEO95%
Off-Page SEO90%
Local SEO90%

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