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SEO Audits that provide actionable SEO strategies

We at SEOBRO.Agency understand the importance of actionable SEO audits. We take the time to not only identify opportunities but also to provide an actionable strategy that you can implement to improve the performance of your website. In addition to saving you time, money, and resources, our SEO audits are intended to help you achieve your desired results. For example, we can assist you in improving your website's technical SEO, increasing organic traffic, or increasing your visibility in search engines. Contact us today to learn more about our actionable SEO audit services.

An SEO audit conducted by SEOBRO can provide the following benefits

We offer SEOBRO SEO Audits to help you improve your website’s search engine rankings and increase organic traffic to your site. Our SEO experts will conduct a thorough SEO audit to identify any issues inhibiting your website’s search engine ranking and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

With over sixteen years of experience in professional SEO audit services, SEOBRO.Agency has earned a reputation for providing accurate and actionable recommendations for increasing a website’s online visibility and search engine rankings.

A website is an important part of any business, but having one is insufficient. To ensure potential customers see your website, optimize its SEO performance. A comprehensive SEO audit will help businesses understand their website’s strengths and weaknesses to improve visibility and rankings on search engines. An SEO audit involves analyzing elements such as page structure, content quality, technical aspects like URLs and sitemaps, backlinks relevance, and quality; all to identify issues or opportunities for improvement so businesses can maximize their online presence.

SEO Audits what are they

An SEO audit is an important process to evaluate a website’s performance in search engine optimization and identify opportunities for improvement. Analyzing website structure, content quality, technical aspects, backlinks, and onsite factors is essential when conducting an audit. Page titles, structure, and internal linking should be optimized to improve indexation and rankings. Additionally, keywords should be incorporated into the content with proper density, while URLs must be properly structured and valid sitemaps created to maximize loading speeds. Backlink analysis can help determine the quality of incoming links, which will impact search engine visibility positively or negatively based on their relevance to the site’s topic or industry. Finally, optimizing meta descriptions & schema markups by providing accurate information regarding a webpage’s content helps crawlers understand it more accurately – improving SERP ranking results over time. By following the best practices outlined within this blog post, you can ensure that your website is indexed correctly by search engines, giving you better chances of achieving higher rankings!

Providing more than just an SEO audit

With our SEO audit services, we go beyond identifying technical problems with your website. Instead, we examine your website’s content, backlink profile, and on-page optimization to provide a comprehensive view of your site’s health and provide recommendations for improvement.

Customized audits to meet your specific needs

Our SEO audit services are tailored to meet each website and business’s specific needs and goals at SEOBRO.Agency, understanding that each website and business is unique. We can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re just starting or looking to fine-tune an existing website.

Have you ever asked

There seems to be no solution to your problem?

Getting a professional SEO audit may be necessary if you have tried various SEO techniques and strategies and are still waiting to see the results you desire. We will provide recommendations for improvement based on our team’s expertise to help you achieve your goals. In addition, our team will identify any issues with your current approach and provide recommendations for improvement.

Are you likely to rank for your focus keywords?

An SEO audit is one of its primary objectives to assess your ability to rank for your target keywords. If obstacles prevent you from ranking for your target keywords, our team of experts will analyze your website’s on-page optimization, content, and backlink profile. We will provide actionable recommendations to improve your rankings upon completing our analysis.

Have you lost rankings or traffic over time?

Several factors may contribute to a decline in your search engine rankings or organic traffic. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough SEO audit to identify any issues affecting your rankings and make recommendations to correct them.

How likely is it that you will rank?

Consider a professional SEO audit if you need help ranking your focus keywords. An SEO audit will assess the health of your website and provide recommendations for improvement.

Are you wasting your money?

It may be a waste of money to invest in SEO but not see the results you desire. SEOBRO.Agency can provide a professional SEO audit to help identify any issues that may be holding you back, as well as recommendations for overcoming these issues.

How effective is your current SEO strategy?

We can identify any issues with your current SEO strategy and make recommendations for improvement if you are still looking for the results you want from your current SEO strategy.

What is the average timeframe for SEO audits?

It can take anywhere from 3-5 business days to complete a basic SEO audit, while a more comprehensive audit may take seven to ten business days.

Can you provide SEO audits for international websites and content?

Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest ranking factors and SEO best practices for international websites. In addition, we offer SEO audit services for websites and content in multiple languages and countries.

Please tell me what SEO audit we need?

An SEO audit is tailored to meet the needs and goals of each client. Our team of experts will assess your website and provide recommendations for the most appropriate SEO audit package for you.

We have been doing SEO for a long time, yet we are still waiting to see results?

You may consider getting an SEO audit if you have been doing SEO for some time but have yet to see the desired results. Our team of experts will identify any issues with your current approach and provide recommendations for improvement.

Professional SEO Audit Services Include

A comprehensive analysis of your website’s technical setup, on-page optimization, content, and backlink profile is included in our professional SEO audit services. In addition, we will provide actionable recommendations to improve your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

Analyzing and uncovering the actual ranking factors

To help you achieve higher search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic, our team of experts will analyze the actual ranking factors affecting your website’s rankings and offer recommendations for improvement.

Since we used to rank at the top, we have lost our rankings

Several factors can contribute to a decline in your search engine rankings. Our experts will conduct a thorough SEO audit to determine the root cause of the fall and provide recommendations for improvement to help you regain your ranking.

Increasing organic traffic and rankings

We at SEOBRO.Agency believes in optimizing a website to increase organic traffic and rankings. We offer professional SEO audit services to identify obstacles that may keep you from achieving your goals and provide actionable recommendations. In addition, our team of experts can assist you if you are seeking to rank for specific keywords or increase organic traffic.

SEO Audits Pricing

SEO Audit Basic

Startup / Small Businesses
$599/ one time fee
  • Review of the search console for the last 16 months compared with the last six months
  • Review of the progression and trends of core keyword rankings
  • Review of the SERPs for lead keywords
  • Technical review of the website on-site
  • Perform a review of the URLs, the URL structure, and the clustering of URLs
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SEO Audit Advanced

Small / Medium Businesses
$999/ one time fee
  • Everything in Basic +
  • Inspecting cannibalization
  • Audit of low-quality content
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    SEO Audits FAQ

    What is an SEO Audit?

    An SEO audit analyzes the performance of a website’s search engine optimization (SEO). It helps identify areas where the website can be improved to optimize it for search engines. Audits typically include a comprehensive review of the website’s content, structure, and overall performance. In addition, they evaluate how well the website performs against SEO best practices and compare it to competitors. Our SEO audits are conducted manually. The audit results can provide valuable insights into improving the website’s overall SEO performance.

    How Long Does an SEO Audit Take?

    An SEO audit is essential to understand the effectiveness of a website’s search engine optimization. However, the length of an audit can vary depending on the size of the website and the level of detail required. Generally speaking, a thorough audit may take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks. Furthermore, the complexity of the audit increases with the size of the website, and more time may be needed. As such, it is essential to plan and determine the scope of the audit to determine an approximate timeline.

    What Should an SEO Audit Include?

    An SEO audit should include reviewing the website’s content, technical setup, keyword optimization, and link profile. The content review should assess if the website is optimized for its targeted keywords, the technical setup should check the website’s indexing and crawlability, the keyword optimization should evaluate the website’s use of targeted keywords, and the link profile should review the website’s backlinks and link quality. Through these four steps, an SEO audit should be able to provide an accurate analysis of a website’s SEO performance.

    How Many Types of SEO Audit Are There?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audits are a vital tool for any website owner or digital marketer. They provide an in-depth analysis of a website’s performance and help identify areas for improvement. There are several types of SEO audits, each focusing on a different aspect of SEO. Technical audits look at website structure, page speed, redirects, and other on-page elements. Content audits review the quality of content on a website and ensure that it is optimized for search engines. Link audits examine the quality of backlinks and ensure that the website’s link profile is healthy. Finally, competitor audits compare a website’s performance to its competitors. With the range of SEO audit types available, website owners and digital marketers have the data they need to make well-informed decisions on their SEO strategy.

    What Are the Benefits of an SEO Audit?

    An SEO audit is a great way to improve your website’s visibility and rankings in search engine results. It involves assessing the current state of your website’s SEO performance and making recommendations to improve it. The benefits of an SEO audit include improving website visibility, increasing organic traffic, and providing a comprehensive analysis of your website’s SEO performance. Additionally, an SEO audit will help identify potential areas of improvement, such as keyword research and optimization, technical SEO, or content optimization. Finally, an SEO audit will also help you identify any issues preventing your website from achieving its full potential in terms of search engine rankings. An SEO audit is a great way to ensure your website is performing optimally and thus maximizing its potential to attract more organic traffic.

    What is Included in an SEO Audit?

    An SEO audit is an analysis of a website’s search engine optimization. It is used to identify areas where the website could be improved to gain higher rankings in search engine results pages. An SEO audit typically includes evaluating the website’s content, usability, page speed, backlinks, keyword usage, and other factors. It also assesses how well the website performs compared to its competitors, which can help identify potential areas of improvement. Additionally, an SEO audit can provide insight into possible technical problems that can be addressed to improve search engine visibility. Overall, an SEO audit is a valuable tool to help improve a website’s visibility and performance in search engine results.

    What Are the Most Common Mistakes During an SEO Audit?

    An SEO audit is essential to any website’s maintenance, but a few common mistakes can be made during the process. One of the most common mistakes is neglecting to check for technical errors, such as broken links, dead images, and faulty redirects. Another mistake is failing to check for keyword optimization, which can significantly impact a website’s search engine results. Additionally, many website owners need to consider the user experience when conducting an SEO audit, which is essential for increasing site visitor engagement and conversion rates. Finally, failing to keep track of website changes is a mistake that can make it difficult to track the effectiveness of SEO efforts.