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By earning the Google Analytics Certification, Google recognizes your ability to:
Setup a Google Analytics 4 property for a website or an app
Collect the data you need for your business and use the various reporting tools and features
Recognize key measurement features that can show the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts
By earning the Google Ads Drive Growth with Mobile Certification, Google Recognizes your ability to:
Assess the impact of user experience beyond the click Collaborate with key partners to build a more user-focused organization
Describe the core components and value of conversion rate optimization
Explain the role marketers play in ensuring fast mobile experiences
Explain the role marketers play in creating a seamless user experience
Implement best practices to increase personalization in the user experience on mobile
Engage customers with Google My Business
Claim your Business Profile on Google
Get your Business Profile verified
Optimize your Business Profile on Google
Use tools to engage your customers
Manage profiles simply in bulk

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