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Consider this: A company that’s failing to grapple with its online audience. Sounds grim, doesn’t it? Indeed, the best digital marketing schools are here to change this scenario. In the digital world we inhabit, schools that offer top-notch digital marketing programs are not just keeping up—they’re leading the way, empowering businesses to target consumers like...
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Digital marketing is the approach to promoting products, services, and brands through digital channels. By harnessing the potential of the internet, businesses strategically employ a variety of online platforms and tactics to connect with and captivate their intended audiences. Online interactions play a vital role in everyday existence, and digital marketing becomes imperative for successful...
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should we use disavow
Seen on a client website – every day new Blogspot and some cf/ml TLDs appear in backlinks for their domain.For sure, disavowing is needed… But a few things here:1 – Some day, we will come up with to disavow limit (100,000 lines), as it’s not possible to disavow the whole Blogspot2 – They appear daily...
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how to build seo strategy
How to build SEO strategy – short, very, very short version: Audit the website using specialized software Audit the website manually using a checklist Crawl with JavaScript and without, and compare Analyze Google Search Console and others if you have (Bing, Yandex, etc.) Find technical SEO issues Get the list of competitors in SERP Identify...
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ga4 new and enhanced metrics
GA4 brings new and enhanced metrics for SEO professionals to track, here’s a list of the main metrics: Engagement rate: an SEO metric that measures meaningful engagements on your site, including clicks, scrolls, conversions, and more. It can help you identify which pages or channels need improvement. Enhanced measurements: GA4 tracks conversion data as an...
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traffic loss during migration
What should you do if site migration goes wrong and the site loses organic traffic?– Use all possible sources to find all URLs that existed before (using: webarchive, google analytics, google search console, ahrefs, semrush, etc..)– Collect traffic for each page in GA or use Ahrefs/Semrush– Decide which pages should be recovered– Recover and set...
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on page title
Upgrade your SEO game with these expert tips for writing eye-catching and keyword-optimized headlines that will boost your traffic and online visibility! Find out how to write unique titles, place your primary keywords at the beginning, and avoid common mistakes. It’s 60 characters or 568 pixels, but you can make it shorter or longer. Google’s...
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seo basics for lawyers
A strong online presence as a lawyer is crucial to reaching potential clients and building practice. You can optimize your website and boost your online visibility with these SEO tips: – Focus on Local Search: Make sure your site and Google My Business listing are optimized for local search terms like “lawyers in [city]” or...
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directories for seo
Why include business directories in your SEO strategy? Used wisely, they can help you succeed in a few different ways. For example, you will get quality backlinks, improve your web presence, access your local community, and occasionally improve your search engine rankings.What should you take into consideration in terms of a business directory?–    ...
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elearnng first steps
Do you know how competitive the e-learning/distance learning industry is? At the most conservative estimations, more than 30 thousand providers fight for the customers’ attention in this niche, while many own more than one website.So how to succeed using SEO if the market is so competitive:–       Start with competitors’ research. Not all e-learning or online...
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