On-Page SEO
Content creation isn’t a mere pastime but a professional endeavor requiring specific skills, experience, and credibility. Below, we’ll explore the essential attributes that define a proficient content creator. Experience and Expertise of a Content Creator Educational Background Academic solid foundation in relevant fields. Having a robust academic foundation is vital for a content creator. Marketing,...
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homepage seo
When building a successful website, one of the essential elements to consider is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which involves keyword research, generating organic traffic, acquiring quality backlinks, and optimizing landing pages. Think of it like sculpting a beacon for Google’s crawlers with quality backlinks and homepage optimization – it pays to make this beacon stand...
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keyword research
Boost your business with our guide on SEO keywords. Discover how to research, select, and use these gems for a successful online strategy!
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eeat experience expertise authoritativeness trustworthiness
High-quality content is essential to maintain a solid online presence in today’s digital age. Google uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate and rank web pages based on relevance, writing quality, and credibility. This article explores Google’s approach to content creation, highlights the importance of the E-E-A-T framework in determining content quality, and...
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topic authority blogs articles news
In today’s information-driven society, it is crucial to establish authority in one’s field to gain readers’ trust. Blogs and news outlets with high topic authority are trustworthy sources due to their consistent production of quality content and expertise within their niche. This article discusses the importance of topic authority in blogs and news reporting, best...
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seo on page checklist
Glossary SERP – Search Engine Ranking Page Click-Through-Rate – the percentage of users who saw your website in SERP and decided to open it (click) highly varies for different niches/keywords/intent. CMS – Content management system General guidelines Title: The title visible in Google SERP is ~60 characters OR 568 pixels, but it can be shorter...
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