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SEO audits offer small businesses invaluable insights into their website’s performance. These audits provide a comprehensive overview of the site’s organic profile and visibility, helping identify areas that are working well and those that need attention. Recommendations for addressing indexing issues or other technical problems are also provided, giving businesses actionable steps for improving their site’s usability and search engine rankings. Conducting regular basic SEO audits empowers businesses to optimize their websites for better reach while staying within budget constraints.

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Unlock the Power of Your Website Dive into the ocean of digital possibilities with our comprehensive Basic SEO Audit. This isn’t just another checklist; it’s your roadmap to online success. Identify areas of improvement, streamline your strategies, and watch as your website’s potential blossoms before your eyes. Elevate your online presence and become the brand everyone’s talking about.

Boost Visibility and User Experience Ever wondered why your website isn’t getting the traffic it deserves? With our Basic SEO Audit, unearth those hidden barriers that have been hindering your growth. Elevate user experience, increase organic visibility, and set yourself apart from the competition. With every click, turn visitors into loyal customers who can’t wait to come back.

Safety, Security, and Success A robust website isn’t just about appearance and traffic; it’s about creating a secure environment for your visitors. Our Basic SEO Audit ensures your website is free from vulnerabilities, ensuring a safe browsing experience for your audience. When they know they’re in safe hands, trust and credibility skyrocket, bringing in conversions like never before.


What’s included

Basic SEO Audit

Revised Analysis/IncludesDescriptionPriority (1-5)Impact on WebsiteDifficulty
Initial Analysis of Search Console DataThis involves the initial review of Google's Search Console data for the website. It provides insights about website's performance in Google Search results.1HighLow
Segmented Query Analysis via Search ConsoleAnalysis of search queries leading to the website, broken down into different segments to identify performance patterns.3MediumMedium
Analysis of Website IndexingEvaluation of a website's index status, ensuring all essential pages are appropriately crawled and indexed by search engines.1HighLow
Analysis of Supplemental and Excluded ResultsAssessment of supplemental or omitted search results, which can help identify potential website issues that affect visibility.2HighMedium
Initial Audit of Website ContentThe first comprehensive review of website content to assess its relevance, quality, and SEO effectiveness.1HighLow
Analysis of Site's URL StructureExamination of the structure of the website's URLs to ensure they are SEO-friendly and logical.1HighMedium
Evaluation of URL ConsistencyChecking the uniformity of URL structures across the website, important for a cohesive user and crawler experience.2HighLow
Coverage Analysis via Search ConsoleAnalysis of the 'Coverage' report in Google Search Console to check for any pages experiencing indexing issues.1HighLow
Evaluation of Meta DescriptionsReviewing meta descriptions for each page to ensure they are enticing and include relevant keywords.3HighLow
Evaluation of Heading Usage and Content RelevanceChecking heading tags (H1, H2, etc.) usage and their relevance to the overall page content.3HighHigh
Review of Page Accessibility ElementsEvaluation of elements impacting page accessibility, like load times, mobile-friendliness, etc.2HighLow
Evaluation of Site Navigation and FooterExamination of the website's navigation structure and footer design to ensure a positive user experience.2HighMedium
Checking of Google TagsChecking the implementation and functionality of various Google tags on the website, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.2MediumLow
Initial Audit using Google AnalyticsThe first comprehensive review of Google Analytics data for insights into user behavior and website performance.1HighLow
Summary of Overall SEO PerformanceA summary of the overall SEO performance of the website, providing a holistic view of its current state.1HighLow
Evaluation of Domains Linked to Known BrandsExamination of other known brand-associated domains for potential SEO opportunities or conflicts.5MediumHigh
Suggested GuidelinesProviding clear and actionable SEO recommendations based on the audit findings.5HighLow
Prioritized List for SEO Issue ResolutionCreating a prioritized list of SEO issues that need to be addressed to improve website performance.1HighLow

Website Size

100-1k pages (Small website), 1k-5k pages (Medium size website), 20k-50k pages (Large size website), 50k+ pages (Very large website), 5k-20k pages (Medium size website), Less than 100 pages (Small website)

Deliverable Urgency

Fairly (4 weeks), High (3 weeks), Not Urgent(4-6 weeks), Very High (2 weeks)


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